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    Information About Candidate Advisors

    The Role of a Candidate Advisor

    As Designated Members, Candidate Advisors have been in your shoes and understand the ins and outs of the designation process. They also have years of experience with the Appraisal Institute. 

    During your tenure as a Candidate for Designation, lean on your Candidate Advisor for support, guidance, encouragement and more.

    Learn more about a Candidate Advisor's responsibilities

    Candidate Advisor FAQs

    Can I select my own Candidate Advisor?
    AI Candidate Advisor selection is optional. You can select an approved AI Advisor through your Candidate checklist.

    Will I have the same Candidate Advisor for my entire candidacy?
    While having the same Candidate Advisor for your entire candidacy is desirable, your Candidate Advisor could change under several circumstances. For example, they may no longer be in the program, or they may stop serving in that role for a specific Candidate upon request.

    How often can I expect contact from my Candidate Advisor?
    A Candidate Advisor should communicate regularly with you to help you on your path to becoming a Designated Member. At a minimum, you should connect on a quarterly basis.

    Will my Candidate Advisor help me obtain work?
    No. The role of your Candidate Advisor is to help you on your path to designation by responding to your questions and concerns; providing information regarding basic designation requirements; working with you to create achievable timelines; and guiding you to appropriate resources as necessary. It’s not the responsibility of your Candidate Advisor to help you obtain work.

    Can I change Candidate Advisors?
    Having the same Candidate Advisor may allow for more effective guidance throughout the duration of your Candidacy. However, if your Candidate Advisor leaves the program, if you feel the pairing is not working effectively, or if a new Candidate Advisor becomes available that you would prefer, a new selection can be made.

    What if my Candidate Advisor cannot answer all my questions?
    There are resources and tools available to you on the AI website. You can also email or call the Admissions Department. Note that while Candidate Advisors can inform you of the basic requirements for designation, questions requiring more technical and detailed knowledge should be directed to the appropriate department at national headquarters.

    Still have questions?

    Don't hesitate to call our team at 312-335-4111 or send us a message. 

    We’re here to help and happy to answer your questions!

    Please note that the Bylaws and Regulations of the Appraisal Institute govern the Candidate for Designation program. In the event of a conflict between the Bylaws and Regulations and any statements or representations made or contained in any materials, documents, emails, or in any other form whether written or otherwise regarding the Candidate for Designation program or Appraisal Institute designation requirements, the Bylaws and Regulations shall prevail.