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    Appraisal Institute President's Message

    Appraisal Institute President Sandra Adomatis President’s Message April 16, 2024
    President's Message, April 2024

    Friends and colleagues, it is such an honor to represent the Appraisal Institute as your 2024 President. The most gratifying part is hearing how enthusiastic members are about the changes at the Appraisal Institute.

    February 12, 2024
    Message From Our Board President and CEO

    View video message: President Sandy Adomatis, SRA and CEO Cindy Chance, PhD share the latest Appraisal Institute news.

    Appraisal Institute President Sandra Adomatis President’s Message January 31, 2024
    President's Message, January 2024

    Welcome, and thank you for reading my first President’s Message! I don’t plan to write here every month because I’ll be putting that energy into participating in, encouraging and expanding our work for you, our appraiser community.

    Appraisal Institute President Craig Steinley President’s Message December 28, 2023
    President's Message, December 2023

    New AI designation pins, and more in the December 2023 President's Message

    Appraisal Institute President Craig Steinley President’s Message November 30, 2023
    President's Message, November 2023

    Last week, my family and I gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving in the same way that I’m sure many of you did – with a large turkey dinner, some football, and a long chat next to a cozy fireplace to help take the chill off the fall weather in South Dakota.

    Appraisal Institute President Craig Steinley President’s Message October 27, 2023
    President's Message, October 2023

    As a practitioner, I’ve always known the Appraisal Institute to be a welcoming and inclusive organization. I owe much of my success in this profession to the AI’s training, body of knowledge, and ability to attract as members the highest quality and most knowledgeable appraisers and associated real estate professionals.

    September 28, 2023
    President's Message, September 2023

    Although I have called more than a few places home during my life, there is no doubt that my professional home is with the Appraisal Institute. 

    August 24, 2023
    President's Message, August 2023

    I'm excited and proud to share that the Board of Directors has named Cindy Chance the next Chief Executive Officer of the Appraisal Institute, effective Sept. 5.

    July 27, 2023
    President's Message, July 2023

    After years of planning, preparation and hard work, I am proud to announce the AI PAREA pilot program for licensed residential was launched earlier this month.

    June 29, 2023
    President's Message, June 2023

    I encourage our AI Professionals to think about what the Appraisal Institute has meant for you, and for our Designated Members in particular, ask you to consider giving back to the organization through national service.

    May 25, 2023
    President's Message, May 2023

    It is my great pleasure to share with you, as just noted, that the Appraiser Qualifications Board approved AI’s PAREA program for the licensed residential path.

    April 27, 2023
    President's Message, April 2023

    The place we call home is important to us. For the residential appraisers among us, we are tasked with generating an opinion of value for the homeowner’s most cherished place.

    March 30, 2023
    President's Message, March 2023

    I hope you’ll take the time to reflect on what the Appraisal Institute means to you and how we can help to strengthen it in the years ahead. 

    February 23, 2023
    President's Message, February 2023

    I look forward to meeting more AI professionals in the coming months, as well as reconnecting with old friends and colleagues.

    January 25, 2023
    President's Message, January 2023
    I look forward to sharing more in future President’s Messages, but for now I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to serve as AI president.