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    Appraising Conservation and Historic Preservation Easements, Second Edition

    Richard J. Roddewig, MAI Charles Brigden, MAI
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    Appraising Conservation and Historic Preservation Easements, second edition, is a landmark text for appraisers, land trusts, historic preservation organizations, tax professionals, attorneys, and state and federal agencies involved in the creation, donation, and valuation of easements. Relying on their extensive experience in this specialized area of valuation, the authors describe in detail the techniques applied to analyze the effect of easements on property value and examine the changes in public policy regarding conservation and preservation that have occurred in recent years. The expanded oversight of the appraisal process by governmental and judicial entities makes it imperative that those involved in valuing easement-encumbered properties demonstrate their competence to their clients, their peers, the Internal Revenue Service, and the courts. Using case studies and actual court cases, this book explores the many complex issues related to the valuation of conservation and historic preservation easements and the pitfalls that appraisers may encounter as they undertake these challenging and controversial appraisal assignments.   

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