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    Rural Property Valuation

    Appraisal Institute
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    Rural Property Valuation provides information on the many forces that affect agricultural and ranch properties in the United States. It lays the groundwork for a broad understanding of rural properties and offers specific data and analytical tools appraisers can use in their daily work. The text offers a rural perspective on appraisal basics such as

    • Property rights
    • Financing
    • Market analysis and highest and best use
    • Site and building improvements
    • The approaches to value

    These additional topics unique to rural property are also covered:

    • Federal and state assistance programs
    • Soil analysis and carrying capacity
    • Agricultural production
    • Ranch management
    • Dairy farm operations
    • Permanent plantings
    • Timberland valuation

    Rural Property Valuation is a landmark text that addresses the needs of practicing appraisers and provides valuable insights and information that cannot be found elsewhere. It should prove useful to appraisers who value rural properties once a year, once a month, or every day.     

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