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    Land Valuation: Real Solutions to Complex Issues

    Gary S. DeWeese, MAI
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    Learn how to value land, or a leased fee in­terest in land, when:  
    • No comparable sales can be found.
    • The highest and best use is uncertain or not currently feasible.
    • The land is subject to a long-term ground lease.  
    • Developers want to know how much they can pay for land.
    • Traditional units of comparison are not relevant.
    • The land is contaminated.
    • Buyers make land purchase decisions based on cost.
    Land Valuation: Real Solutions to Complex Issues reviews basic land valuation techniques (extraction, allocation, land residual, and ground rent capitalization) and presents advanced and non-traditional methods to help appraisers solve complex land valuation problems. Seven complete case studies and numerous spreadsheets are provided to ensure that readers understand the issues involved and know how to apply the innovative valuation strategies
    Download the case study spreadsheets used in this book.

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