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Enforcement Procedures and Peer Review Actions

Enforcement Procedures, How to File a Complaint/Referral and Peer Review Actions

Appraisal Institute Regulation No. 6 establishes uniform rules governing peer review proceedings. Peer Review Proceedings are defined, in part, as all actions taken pursuant to Regulation No. 6 to determine whether a Designated member, Candidate, Practicing Affiliate, or Affiliate may have violated or did violate the  Appraisal Institute Code of Professional Ethics or Standards of Professional Practice. If an Ethics or Standards violation is found, the appraiser will be counseled, admonished, censured, suspended, expelled, and/or given an opportunity to take an educational course, depending on the seriousness of and type of the violation.

Download the Summary of the Appraisal Institute Enforcement Procedures

How to File a Complaint/Referral

If you have an issue with the conduct of or a report prepared by an Appraisal Institute Member, Candidate, Practicing Affiliate, or Affiliate, you can refer the matter to the Appraisal Institute Professional Practice Department

We request that you provide us with the following information, if available, to help us process your referral:

  1. Names and address of the appraiser;
  2. Name and address of the client (if any);
  3. Location of and type of property involved (if any);
  4. Date of the report or conduct;
  5. If the matter is or was involved in litigation, the jurisdictional court, the case number, the status of or the final results of the litigation; and
  6. An explanation of the issue.

We also request that you provide us with a copy of the report and/or any other documentation that will help us review your referral. If a copy of the report is not available we can request it from the appraiser.

Referrals can be submitted electronically via email or via postal mail. Anonymous referrals are accepted.

Appraisal Institute peer review proceedings are confidential, you should not expect to hear about the status or results of your referral, although certain types of disciplinary actions are published.

Email Referrals

Referrals and supporting documentation can be submitted to

If supporting documentation is too big to email,  we can provide you with a link to a secure online folder where you can upload the documents.

Postal Referrals

Referrals may be submitted via postal mail to the following address:

Appraisal Institute
Attn: Professional Practice
200 W. Madison Suite 1500
Chicago, IL 60606

Complaints/Referrals concerning Non-Members

If you have an issue with an appraiser who is not a Member, Candidate, Practicing Affiliate, or Affiliate of the Appraisal Institute  the Appraisal Subcommittee website has links to state appraiser regulatory agencies which may have jurisdiction.

Peer Review Actions

If a Designated member, Candidate, Practicing Affiliate, or Affiliate receives a disciplinary action of censure, suspension or expulsion, the Appraisal Institute publishes a notice of the disciplinary action imposed and the ethical rules violated.

If you would like to check if a specific individual received a published disciplinary action please contact us at:






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