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$480 per year

Candidates for Designation are individuals seeking Appraisal Institute Designated membership.

Category for: Certified Real Property Appraisers, Tax Assessors, Appraisal Reviewers, Approved Master’s Degree Program enrollees or graduates, those who hold approved designations with other organizations (AACI/CRA, CCIM, CIS HypZert (F), LREA, CAE/IAAO, RES, IFA, ARM, RPRA), Faculty, etc.



$370 per year

Practicing Affiliates are individuals interested in affiliation with the Appraisal Institute but not ready to pursue designated membership. Open to all valuers of real property including those seeking licensure or certification.

Our recommended category for Licensed or Certified Residential Real Property Appraisers looking to expand their practice beyond the mortgage industry. Let AI help you expand your practice!

Category for: Certified Real Property Appraisers, Licensed Appraisers, Trainee/Registered/Provisional appraisers, Appraisal Reviewers, Tax Assessors, or anyone who is considered a valuer of real property. This could include Consultants, Analysts, Financial Advisors, Realty Officers, Real Estate Evaluators, University Faculty, Researchers, Appraisal Data Technicians, those who are valuers but are not required to be licensed at the state level. 



$235 per year, plus applicable chapter fees

Affiliates are those interested in real property valuation who do not value real property.

Category for: Bankers, Lawyers, Accountants, Consultants, Developers, Financial Planners, Government Officials, Investors, Real Estate Brokers, Real Estate Sales, Researchers, Vendors, or those interested in property economics but who do not provide service(s) as a valuer.



$50 per year

Student Affiliates are college and university students enrolled in college or university curriculum.

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