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Designation Requirements


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To learn more about affiliation in general, please visit our AI Affiliation webpage. The items below are for those who are already affiliated as Candidates.

Candidate Program Applications

Application: Add a Candidate Path

Designated members and Candidates who are interested in pursuing an additional designation path must apply to add new path to AI account. Login required. You must be Designated member or Candidate for Designation to access this application.

Application: Candidate Extension

Candidates for Designation who may need more time completing Annual Minimum Progress or Timeline to Designation requirements expiring this year. Login required. Must be a Candidate for Designation to access this application.

Application: Category Change

Affiliates, Student Affiliates, Practicing Affiliates and Candidates may apply to change their AI category. Login required. You must be an Affiliate, Student Affiliate, Practicing Affiliate or Candidate to access this application.

Application: Designated Membership

Candidates who have completed ALL requirements for designated membership. All requirements must be fully completed and credit awarded before designation application will be accepted (i.e. experience screening, demo verification, etc). Login required. You must be a Candidate for Designation to access this application.

Access to Comp Exam, Experience and Demo Requirements

Comprehensive Examination Requirement

Applicable to all Candidate paths

The use of Comprehensive Examinations at the end of formalized training has a long tradition in both academic and professional circles in the fields of law, medicine, accounting, humanities, and the sciences. The objective of this type of examination is to evaluate both the Candidate’s appraisal knowledge and the Candidate's ability to use that knowledge to solve appraisal problems in the real world.

As future Designated members, Candidates must know current methods, techniques, information, and other content presented in the courses, exams, publications, and body of knowledge of the Appraisal Institute, and can utilize that knowledge to solve appraisal problems. Comprehensive Examinations are the measure of a Candidate's ability to perform in real-world situations.

Experience Requirement

Applicable to all Candidate paths

All Candidates must receive credit for a specified number of hours of Experience, either Specialized Experience for MAI and AI-GRS paths or Residential Experience for SRA and AI-RRS paths. The work submitted for credit, must cover at least a minimum time period and include the most recent work. Work that receives credit for experience must comply with the AI Standards of Professional Practice.

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Demonstration of Knowledge Requirement

Applicable general and residential Candidate paths only

Successfully passing the Demonstration of Knowledge requirement (commonly referred to as "Demo") is a great achievement!

The Demonstration of Knowledge showcases your ability to deliver the most complete presentation of a property appraisal at a given time or to showcase your ability to develop well-researched topics that add significantly to the body knowledge.

Candidate Program Equivalencies

Are you a State Certified Assessor, have a credential or designation from another organization, hold an appraisal license from a country outside the United States, graduate from an Appraisal Institute approved master’s degree program, or graduate from an approved undergraduate or graduate degree program approved by the Appraisal Institute or one you would like to have evaluated?

Click here to learn more about approved Candidate program equivalencies!


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