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    MAI Designation

    Commercial Valuation Professionals

    In a competitive marketplace, set yourself apart!

    The Appraisal Institute MAI Designation will inspire confidence among your clients. This designation is highly regarded in our profession because of our rigorous designation requirements. 

    Eligibility for the General Candidate for Designation Program

    First, the prerequisites.

    You don’t need to be affiliated with AI to begin your journey, though we recommend you join as a Practicing Affiliate to take advantage of education discounts and other benefits.

    Once you’ve met these prerequisites, you’re ready to enter the General Candidate for Designation program working towards MAI Designated membership.


    Achieving the MAI Designation

    You’re on your way to becoming a Designated Member!

    Now, the requirements.

    As a Candidate for Designation, you’ll need to complete the following requirements within four years to achieve your designation. 

    Get Started

    The first step in your journey is to create your personal interactive prerequisite checklist.

    Although affiliation is not required to complete prerequisites, we encourage you to join AI as a Practicing Affiliate to take advantage of up to a 30% discount on educational offerings and additional benefits.

    We’re here to help! Our team of specialists will guide your progress from Practicing Affiliate to Candidate to Designated membership.

    Time Requirements

    As a Candidate for Designation, you’re required to complete the program requirements within four years from the date of your admission to candidacy.

    If you can’t meet the deadline, you can request a new four-year timeline. If you’re no longer eligible to request a new time period, you can maintain your affiliation as a Practicing Affiliate.

    Questions? Ask Our Counselors!

    Candidate Policy Manual

    All the information you need, compiled into one document.

    Review the full program requirements, alternative paths and additional resources in our Candidate for Designation Policy Manual.

    View the Candidate for Designation Policy Manual


    We have scholarships to help you achieve your goals.

    See if you’re eligible for a scholarship offered by the Appraisal Institute Education and Relief Foundation.

    See Available Scholarships
    Did you know?

    Designated Education

    Are you undecided about pursuing a designation?

    Take one of our designation courses to elevate your knowledge. You don't have to be a Candidate to work on prerequisite requirements.