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Professional Practice Documents

The Appraisal Institute offers a number of professional practice documents and resources. 

Information noted with an asterisk (*) is available only to Appraisal Institute Members, Candidate, Practicing Affiliates and Affiliates.  Learn more about joining AI.

Critique - Self Audit Form*

This resource was developed as a guideline for reporting under USPAP. It may be used for both residential and general work.

Sample Materials for Services*

Developed by a joint member/staff project team and reviewed by outside counsel, these model engagement contracts provide examples of language that can be used for appraisal assignments. 

Sample Certification Statements*

These sample certification statements for written appraisal, appraisal review and appraisal consulting service reports, are available for Appraisal Institute Professionals to use as one resource in developing their own Certification Statements.

Use of Designations, Emblems and Logo*

The Appraisal Institute encourages its professionals to widely communicate their achievement in and their commitment to the appraisal profession. To this end, the Appraisal Institute has created trademarked logos, designations and designation emblems - as well as specific usage standards for these marks and for any reference to the Appraisal Institute and/or membership, candidacy and affiliation.

Appraisal Institute “Body of Knowledge”

Body of Knowledge is defined as:

The current Appraisal Institute Body of Knowledge shall be composed of:

  • Currently available textbooks, monographs and Guide Notes published by the Appraisal Institute, excluding compilations of published articles, and
  • Current nationally developed Appraisal Institute course and seminar offerings.

The current Appraisal Institute Body of Knowledge is an authoritative source of recognized methods and techniques for valuation practitioners.

Appraisal Institute Statement on Property Rights Discussion Paper and Draft Guide Notes

This statement clarifies that the Property Rights Symposium and Draft Guide Notes on the consideration of leases in fee simple valuations are not part of the Appraisal Institute Body of Knowledge which is an authoritative source of recognized methods and techniques for valuation practioners.

State Requirements for Supervisory, Trainee Appraisers*

A  spreadsheet  and addendum with information for Supervisory and Trainee Appraisers on State licensing requirements.

Readressing, Reassigning, Reappraising

FAQs to help appraisers handle requests to readdress, recertify, or reassign previously prepared reports.

Privacy Issues for Appraisers

Information on the Financial Services Modernization Act, commonly referred to as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB), and how it has been applied to appraisers and real estate valuations.

AI Reports®

The mission of the AI Reports® initiative is to develop appraisal report formats designed by appraisers and for appraisers.

Introduction to Valuation for Financial Reporting

View the Resource List for information on valuation for financial reporting.

Federal Regulations and Commercial/Residential Appraisal Forms


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