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Whether you’re a college student looking to embark on a valuation career, or university administrator/faculty interested in incorporating content developed by the largest real estate publisher in the industry, we have important benefits to support you!



ed Appraisal Institute Courses  

Using Appraisal Institute courses at your college is a win-win proposition! AI courses can offer college credit in addition to providing qualifying education towards a real estate appraisal license. Click for more information below or contact to learn about the benefits of licensing AI courses.

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(Can be licensed to universities for presentation in their undergraduate and graduate curriculum!)

book   Appraisal Institute Publications  






The Appraisal of Real Estate, 15th Edition  and 

The Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal, 7th Edition

The recognized authorities on the valuations of residential, commercial, and industrial properties are mainstays in real estate professionals’ offices.






The Student Handbook to The Appraisal of Real Estate, 15th Edition

Is another practical tool for learning about real estate valuation independently or as part of a classroom experience. Instructors can purchase The Student Handbook as a text for a one semester appraisal course, providing essential information that real estate students can use. The Student Handbook is also a resource to prep for the state appraiser exams.

University faculty can also request Instructor Materials for this valuable handbook.





Tips to Start

Explore all the benefits of a career in real estate appraisal! This flyer contains information and answers your questions concerning potential career opportunities as an appraiser, education requirements to get you there, and more tips to start you on your journey!


Join as a Student Affiliate 

Includes discounts on most AI education, chapter affiliation, access to the Lum Library, complimentary digital subscriptions to the Appraisal Journal, Valuation Magazine and more. There is no cost for students to join if eligible.



Offer students networking opportunities and provides universities with an additional pool of expert speakers, potential mentors, and real estate club advisors. Reach out today!



Can offer needed tuition assistance and set students on their path to a meaningful career in real estate appraisal. 


Career Center

A job board providing job and internship opportunities in the appraisal profession helps students gain exposure to an exclusive audience of the best in the appraisal industry. Some benefits include: posting your resume, applying for jobs, and receiving job alerts. 


The Foundation Degree Review Program

With this unique program, graduates of specific universities can determine if their completed real estate university degree qualifies towards appraisal licensing hours. Please Note: We can assist universities not currently in the The Foundation Degree Review Program at no cost. Contact us at 312-335-4111 for more information.


Masters Degree Program

Students with affiliated universities can join AI at no cost and be on a fast track towards the highly regarded Appraisal Institute MAI designation! For schools not already part of the AI MDP, we will be happy to review your curriculum and provide guidance and support to assist you in AI affiliation.





To learn more about the ways the Appraisal Institute can assist your school, please contact:
Fran Rosenstein, 312-335-4228: Course Manuals
Paul Brown, 312-335-4166: Student Affiliation & Masters Program
Michelle Davey, 312-335-4239: Scholarships


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