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MAI Designation Requirements

The MAI membership designation is held by professionals who provide a wide range of services on all types of real property related to providing opinions of value, evaluations, review, consulting, and advice on investment decisions, among other things. Property types may include commercial, industrial, agricultural, residential, and vacant land.

Individuals seeking MAI designated membership must complete prerequisites and have good moral character to be eligible to enter the General Candidate for Designation program. Most individuals will complete these prerequisites as a Practicing Affiliate, and once finished, transition into the Candidate for Designation program pursuing designated membership.


  • Certified General Real Property Appraiser (or equivalent)
  • Standards requirement
  • AI Business Practices and Ethics
  • Degree requirement (if not a certified general real property appraiser)
  • Pass exam: Advanced Income Capitalization
  • Pass exam: Advanced Market Analysis and Highest and Best Use
  • Pass exam: Advanced Concepts and Case Studies
  • Pass exam: Quantitative Analysis

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Candidate for Designation Policy Manual

View program requirements, equivalencies, alternative paths, and additional resources.


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