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    Elevate Your Career

    Ready to aim higher?

    Hone critical skills for specialty topics by taking a professional development program, or pursue excellence through Appraisal Institute’s designation paths.

    We’re here to support you as you elevate your career, offering a depth of knowledge in theory and methodology through these advanced programs and designations that you won’t find anywhere else.

    Professional Development Programs

    AI Professional Development Programs tackle cutting-edge, problematic, or advanced-level topics, allowing you to better understand a particular property type or specialty area. We regularly review our offerings to ensure that the content is topical, relevant and critical. Here are our current programs:

    Learn more about AI's Professional Development Programs.

    Appraisal Institute Designation Education

    Having an AI designation behind your name immediately evokes knowledge, experience and integrity.

    It signifies to courts, governmental agencies, financial institutions, investors and more, that you are at the top of your game, and sets you apart from all other state-certified appraisers.

    AI outlines a path to achieve each designation that includes advanced education, specialized experience, and exams.

    But did you know that the required courses for designation are open to anyone?

    Regardless of whether you decide to earn a designation, these courses provide the extensive knowledge and practical strategies you need to elevate your career.

    Dive deeper into advanced income capitalization, advanced market analysis, quantitative analysis, and advanced concepts, Explore and apply the seven steps of the review process to residential and nonresidential assignments.

    AI’s designations (and links to related courses) are outlined below.


    AI offers four designations. View the advanced-level courses for each path.


    Held by professionals who provide a range of services on all types of property related to providing opinions of value, evaluations, review, consulting, and more.

    View MAI Courses


    Held by professionals who provide a range of services for residential properties related to providing opinions of value, evaluations, reviews, consulting, and more.

    View SRA Courses


    Held by professionals experienced in general appraisal review.

    View AI-GRS Courses


    Held by professionals experienced in residential appraisal review.

    View AI-RRS Courses