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AI Designation Education: Appraisal

Are you ready to differentiate yourself from all the other state-certified appraisers?

Obtaining a designation from the Appraisal Institute will elevate you into the upper echelon of valuation experts.

These Designated memberships have long been recognized by courts of law, governmental agencies, financial institutions and investors as marks of excellence in the field of real estate valuation and analysis.

With an Appraisal Institute designation behind your name, you will be recognized immediately for your knowledge, experience and integrity. Review the required education below – you may find out that you already have credit for one or more of these Appraisal Institute courses. Candidates for Designation: To track your progress toward Designated membership, check your Candidate Status Report.

Note: Only Designated members and Candidates for Designation receive the AI Price for AI designation education courses.  All others will receive the Full Price.



Required Standards and Ethics Courses for All Appraisal Institute Candidates for Designation:

Within the initial first-year cycle, provide proof of applicable USPAP course.

NOTE: Candidates who practice solely outside the United States may complete the International Valuation Standards Overview course instead of the USPAP course.

Complete the Appraisal Institute course, Business Practices and Ethics.

Educational Requirements for MAI Designated Membership

A general state certification (or equivalent) is required to be eligible to enter the Candidate for Designation program.

General Candidates must receive credit for the following examinations:

Advanced Income Capitalization State Approval
Advanced Market Analysis and Highest and Best Use State Approval
Advanced Concepts & Case Studies State Approval
Quantitative Analysis State Approval

Check live online state approvals.

To challenge an examination, visit the Knowledge Center to download an application from the Resources section.  Requires sign-in with AI username and password.

Diagnostic Test

Those registering for MAI designation education must pass the diagnostic test one time only to be allowed to register for all of the MAI designation courses listed above.  Note that the test must be submitted 7 days prior to the registration deadline.  Registration deadlines for these courses are set at 14 days prior to the start date.

For more information on the diagnostic test and additional information on MAI designation education, view the FAQ.

General Demonstration Report—Capstone Program Option for the MAI Designation

The General Demonstration Report-Capstone Program is an option Candidates may choose to complete their general demonstration of knowledge requirement toward MAI Designated membership. Like the traditional demo option, the same skills and knowledge base are required to produce a complete demonstration appraisal report.

Complete list of MAI designation requirements. 


Educational Requirements for SRA Designated Membership

A general or residential state certification (or equivalent) is required to be eligible to enter the Candidate for Designation program.

Residential Candidates must receive credit for the following education requirement(s):

Residential Elective Requirement - Candidates have a selection of different types of education that can be met to satisfy the education requirements for the path.

Residential Candidates must receive credit for the following course and examination:

Advanced Residential Applications and Case Studies/Part 1 State Approval

Demonstration of Knowledge Requirement Option for the SRA Designation

Pair and Pass Advanced Residential Applications and Case Studies/Part 1 (course/exam) with Advanced Residential Report Writing/Part 2 (course/exam) to ALSO satisfy the residential Demonstration of Knowledge requirement.

Complete list of SRA designation requirements.


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